Composition Chalkboards
Aarco Products' Composition Chalkboards are manufactured of tempered hardboard, systematically coated to a perfectly consistent finish. Our scientific formula provides enough texture to ensure a rich contrasting chalk mark while allowing easy erasing.
Composition Chalkboards, although economically priced, are long lasting and durable.
Choose either our North American Red Oak frames and tray, finished with high gloss clear lacquer or our aluminum frames with a satin anodized finished.
Both are built to last and are equipped with factory attached mounting hangers.
All trays are full length and edges are sanded and polished to a safe, smooth radius. For sizes and profiles see illustration below.
Red Oak  
H & W Model# Model#
18 x 24 OC1824 $30.13 DC1824 $25.81
24 x 36 OC2436 $42.51 DC2436 $38.81
36 x 48 OC3648 $72.24 DC3648 $70.28
36 x 60 OC3660 $141.72 DC3660 $131.14
48 x 60 OC4860 $158.27 DC4860 $163.78
48 x 72 OC4872 $193.74 DC4872 $179.54
48 x 96 OC4896 $258.77 DC4896 $224.01
48 x 120 OC48120 $318.04 DC48120 $289.06
48 x 144 OC48144 $384.49 DC48144 $347.54
 Please specify Black(B) or Green(G)
when ordering


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