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Direct Replacements for the QO3000 series Interactive PC Copyboards   

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The following 5 pages are for reference only since the Ovonics QO3000 series has been totally discontinued except for being able to 
 buy paper (buy Paper)

spec page-pics overview
QO3000, QO3200   QO3100
QO3300   general info   

All these Models are Discontinued

Ovonics Boards   Size writing area
QO3000 Ovonics Board Wall Mount  75" x 56" 66.5" x 44.5"
QO3100* Ovonics Board - Portable  80" x 78" 66.5"x 33.5"
QO3200 Ovonics Board Wall Mount   75" x 45" 66.5"x 33.5"
QO3300 Ovonics Board Wall Mount  57" x 32" 42" x 30"

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QO3100 shown
Quartet Ovonics 


Today's fast-paced, high-powered business environment requires the high-tech efficiency of QO Electronic Copyboards. A remarkable invention that makes an exact copy of everything written on or attached to its magnetic porcelain on steel writing surface. Wallmounted or mobile, these versatile copyboards are indispensable for brainstorming, training and planning. A powerful ally to discussion leaders. A focal point and interactive medium facilitating group participation.

ELIMINATE WASTED TIME. Stop taking notes that are incomplete and inaccurate. The QO Copyboards take the notes and make the copies. KEEP THE MEETING FOCUSED and secure the group's undivided attention for more active participation and better contributions. PROVIDE AN ACCURATE RECORD instantly of the meeting, its development and conclusions for informed decision making, and taking action. INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY Meetings are shorter, highly focused, accurately documented with notes available immediately for follow-up.

Contemporary design. Engineered for high performance. The QO Copyboards operate simply dependably and efficiently to produce sharp, clear copies. Just press a button for the electronic scanner to scan the board and produce copies.

The large, erasable porcelain enamel on steel writing surface is scratch and stain resistant, virtually indestructible, and guaranteed for ten years. 2' x 2" grid, fired into the surface provides handy non-reproducible guidelines for writing, graphing, and detailed sketches using colorful erasable markers. And for meetings that require slides or overhead projections, the board surface serves as an instant screen. The copyboard makes multiple copies-up to 99-in two copy sizes. The Partial Copy feature allows copies of all or part of the board surface. And Memory Recall reprints the copy of the last scanning.

The QO Electronic Copyboard's modular design and microprocessor controlled self-diagnostic capabilities ensure trouble free maintenance. No messy toners or chemicals required. Every copyboard includes a 90 day warranty. Extended Warranties and Installation are also available. Our nationwide technical service organization responds quickly to Service Hotline calls.
QO Electronic Copyboards. For today's fast paced ever changing business environment. 

QO Electronic Copyboards are Indispensable

Strategy and Brainstorming Sessions = Planning = Program Design and Project Status = Briefings = Task Assignments = Proposals = Budgeting = Systems Layout and Planning = Flow Charting and Mapping = Scheduling = Vendor Discussions W, R & D and Technical Discussions = Educational Seminars = Training IN Emergency Action Meetings

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