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Touch Sensitive FAQ

Quartet QO2000 and QO3000  Ovonics Copyboard FAQ's
Why did they stop making the QO3000 series ?
Mostly because they did not have the ability to export images to a PC.   The QO2000 series work without a PC for basic copying using built-in black & white thermal printer, but have a RS-232 Serial port to allow images to be exported to a PC that will store or print on a color printer.

Manuals for QO3000 and QO3100
Yes they are available - see bottom of page at manuals

What is the Warranty on QO2000 series 
What is the Warrantee

Is the QO2000 series Portable
Yes they come standard with a freestanding stand with casters.  Just roll it from room to room and plug it into AC outlet

Is the QO2000 series able to be mounted on a Wall
Yes  see this page it explains how you can leave off the stand

What type of paper is used in the QO2000 series 
They use standard Fax paper that you get from your office supply provider.   98' rolls.

What type of paper is used in the QO3000 series 
They use special paper that you will not find locally see 3000-paper  where we sell it

Is there a  QO2000 series owners manual
Yes they click here for it Here

How can I get technical support for the 2000 and 3000 series?
Technical assistance is available at (800)790-7787. Please remember to register your PC Whiteboards product for prompt warranty service, technical support, and software upgrades.

Do QO2000 Whiteboards come in multiple sizes?
Yes see Spec/Price sheet 

Can QO2000's snapshots be displayed back on PC Whiteboards?
Yes it can be projected on anything if you have a LCD projector hooked up to your PC and you captured the image to the PC