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page done 4/7/2015
Magwall-II and VisualMagnetics  are two brands of Magnetic receptive Dry Erase Wall Covering made by totally different process
  MagWall II VisualMagnetics For Paste MNW Mag for Paste
Manufacturer Private Label of National Brand VisualMagnetics is MFG Transcribe
Widths Available 48" only 48" and 59" 47"
roll length 75 ft 50' 50'
Backing Scrim Non-Woven Non-Woven
weight 39 oz per yd3   4.33 OZ / sqft 40 OZ yd3       4.44 oz/sqft  
Thickness 26 mill 27 mill  
Tensile 80x80 lbs
(warp x fill)
13,000  psi MD  
Chemical Resistance Not chemical resistant Very High takes disinfectants  
Gloss and Surface Moderate Gloss Vinyl High Gloss 5 mill Polyester  
Fire Classification Class A Class A  
Warrantee 5 years 5 years  
Magnetic Strength Test
how many sheets of 24 lb
8.5x11 sheets held my magnet
9 6  
  list per linear ft backing   Minimum order  
VMDMNW-48050 $30.00 / ft non-woven  48"
for Paste
50 ft rolls Rolls only VisualMagnetics
VMDMNW-59050 $37.50 non-woven  59"
for Paste
50 ft rolls Rolls only VisualMagnetics
$47.30 Woven 48" 75 ft rolls any length MagWall II
Transcribe $33.00   50 ft rolls any length Transcribe
VMDMPS-48050 $33.18 Pressure Sensitive
Adhesive w Liner
50 ft rolls Rolls only VisualMagnetics
  ALL products on this page ARE MAGNETIC RECEPTIVE