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DaPlus-thick Clear Dry Erase  Sheet
without adhesive
Repositionable and movable



COAF Daplus10
Our 10 mil Daplus10 works great but there are certain applications where large pieces need to be stiffer.

We can product in small or large quantities .020" .030" and thicker up to 1/4" sheets of clear plastic with our .002 thick DaPlus applied to one surface.  We can then cut the 4'x8' sheets to the size you need.

Call Allen at x 111 to discuss your needs and get pricing.

Vivak - PetG sheet  .020", .030", .040",  .060",  .090", .118", 177", .236" available in

Very LARGE OEM, Contractor and resale discounts
available to qualified customers, call for Discount Schedule