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A Clear Dry Erase Films

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To Separate Film:   Yes there really are two parts:
Put Scotch tape on both sides of a corner of the film.    When you pull take apart you will see one piece is a 2 mil polyester liner with no adhesive that you toss and the 3 mil piece with adhesive on it has a dry erase surface on its front side.

Getting it Clean if installing over printed and stained Markasteel MG:
For easiest and best results use 300 grit sandpaper (it will quickly remove the surface stains and leave the diesublimated image on the board in perfect shape). The board after sanding must be cleaned and have DaPlus film applied - any use of dry erase markers now will stain it and not come off at this point.

Application of dry erase film by hand:
 Tools: squeegee, sharp knife, spray bottle, water, and dish detergent.
Squeegee to be of rubber type so it does not scratch surface.
Prepare surface by making sure its clean and free of any chemicals.
Wet surface that film will be applied to with soapy water solution. (Soapy water solution consists of a cap of dish detergent to 2 gallons of water.)
Peel about 12 of the release liner back, and spray both sides of the film. .
Position the edge of the film on the horizontal and plumb lines.
Use the squeegee in a downward and outward motion to remove all air and water pockets and to obtain a good adhesion.
Continue to pull back the film, and apply water to both sides of the film; continue to use the squeegee to smooth out the surface and to remove the water.
Trim the excess material along the edges.
Wipe down the surface with clean water, and dry with a towel.
Allow the material to set for a couple hours before using. If you can, it is best to let the material
sit overnight before using.

Care before using writing surface:
Clean the surface completely with a non-abrasive cleaner, like a glass cleaner, and a soft cloth. Once cleaned, wipe with a damp rag, and dry with a soft cloth. The purpose of this is to ensure that there is no cleaning residue left on the writing surface.
Disclaimers: This product is not designed to be removable, but can be removed it dirt or air bubbles are
trapped under the surface. 8/12/2009

Application of dry erase film by Laminating machine:
Normally its Applied by professionals dry, without any heat on tension type laminators that apply pressure.
This method produces perfect results with great clarity.   Our Laminator can also apply it for you in our Ohio shop.

Much more info on web at along with full install directions
Note - all our rolls are wound with the dry erase on the outside and the release liner insideGo to for available roll sizes in stock in-stock roll widths are 26.5" and 53"       6/26/12