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Aluminum Frame (COAF)
With printed MarkaSteel with clear Daplus Film Factory installed over Printing

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Board internals: We dye sublimate print via CMYK our flattened steel panels that are .024" thick.  We then laminate our DaPlus .003" film to it.   We then adhere a 1/4" thick masonite backer to it.  
Framing: We frame with our 6063T5 aluminum extrusion finished with a t 201R1 Satin anodized finish.  The frame is stapled into the hardboard. 
Mounting:  D-rings for hanging are standard on our smaller boards.   Chromated L-brackets come with larger boards and are a small adder on small boards.
DaPlus dry erase surface can take daily use of hospital disinfectants.
The Warranty is 20 years on these finished units against loss of dry ease quality.
Actual outside dimension of frame is 1/8" to 1/4" larger than nominal size.
Frame only covers 1/2" of the dry erase board maximizing useable area.
Frame is only 3/8" thick and with L-brackets projects less than 1/2" from wall.

The COAF frame has the added feature in that it has a grove in the extrusion so that you can add a printed  insert and cover it with our removable DaPlus10 cover giving you a changeable board at minimal cost if and when needed.


Very magnetic receptive.  Work well with printed magnets.
Snap on plastic tray available in any length.
Our calibrated dye-sub yields colors that are very vivid and true.
L-bracket mounting blends in well and is almost invisible.
Can be made in any size up to 4' by 8' but standard nominal sizes are  
9"x12"  12"x18" 18"x24"  20"x30"  24"x24"  24"x36"  30"x40"   3'x4'  4'x4'   4'x5'  4'x6'  4'x8'

20 year dry erase warranty proven in hospitals over 8 years and 40,000 boards