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Much less than 50-pt Chipboard
24 pt this is a fairly stiff paper but its
not really suitable for handheld use unless pieces are 6"x8" or smaller.   For handheld use go to 50 point


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Print Quality on RL24 is less than 50 point chipboard this is the tradeoff besides stiffness that have to be taken inot account.

  By Size :
8.5x11 RL's
Quantity printed Cost Print Finished pieces Cost Laminate & size added square corners Total All of it
2600 of 25x48
$5,934 or $..57  
10,000 at
4/sheet 11" x 17
$.30 $.010 $.97 based on 10,000  Q0040
4 color
1 side
dry erase
  6" x 8"   yes $.286  based on 50,000 Q0041**
          Close to Mir 28
see v#75076
but RL used

**Q0041 on 50 pt chip for same job is $.4964 list each (1-8-09)


subject to dealer discounts!
Indoff CT is a master at producing quality custom printed dry erase boards. 

Remember Pricing on web is List and does not include resale and volume discounts   2/01/07