6"x6" Wood Plaque 1/4" Thick
Dry Erase and high quality CMYK printed Color
Edge has a great black finish and looks very rich


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Great for changing room doors
great for Doors numbers with Logo
Door plaques
Mounting must be done by Velcro, double sided tape, or PSA tab hooks, they are to thin for routed mounting holes. If These are great dry erase boards or if dry erase is not needed they have a surface that can be cleaned over and over and is impervious to standard cleaning agents.
Background starts white but van be printed any color or pattern.

We can easily print each Plaque with its own room number
OD is 6"x6"
White printable surface is 5.84" x 5.84"

Item price at 1,000 pcs        
Basic plaque $5.50 each        
Velcro adder          
box 12 each
UPSable box

Sample above is A6561-r2
These are list prices subject to resale discount!  Call  ref # 7574

10/4/2013  also see Ogee edge 1/2" plaques   for magnetic see  Tablets